Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Committee Chairpersons

Bob Prince


Bob schedules, helps prepare the agenda for, and presides at meetings.
He also appoints members to committees.

Judy Nelson

Vice Chairman

Judy performs all duties assigned by the Chairman and exercises the
powers of the Chairman in event of absence or disability.

Joy Shantz


Joy prepares meeting agends, records meeting minutes and
handles Center correspondence.

Jackie Lloyd


Jackie collects and disburses Center funds and maintains financial records.

[email protected]

Mike Beaudry

Member At Large

Mike represents the general community on the Board.

[email protected]

Pam Tonhofer

Center Manager

Pam schedules events and programs and
handles the Center’s day-to-day operations.

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Shari Uptmor

Decorating Chairperson

Shari coordinates the seasonal and event decorations for the Center.

Important Documents

Articles of Incorporation 07-01-1991 (HTML)

By-Laws Amended 09-19-2007 (HTML)