Center News – April 2018

Spring and the ever-improving weather is finally here. Soon we will be seeing new sprouts and blooms in the wonderful gardens. Be sure to mark your calendars for our Spring Garden cleanup, all hands on deck and bring your own tools.

The Center Board has finally voted on all new officer positions and they are as follows: Don Gardener, president; Paul Stanton, vice president; Breigh Soles, treasurer; Norma Jean Knowles and Marsha Ritzheimer, co-secretaries. The retiring board members, George Grandy, Sue Damon, and Judy Robinson have agreed to stay on for one year as non-voting shadow board members to help in advising and helping in the transition. Thanks to all for your past and present service.

This is the last month of LOU now in its 7th season. Thanks to Dennis Damon and Dean Knowles for taking on the responsibility of organizing the cooking, purchasing, and volunteer staffing. It has been a fantastic season featuring not only their wonderful cooking but that of many guest chefs. All funds collected on the last Wednesday of each month were donated to the Firefighters’ Benevolent Fund this year and are greatly appreciated by the District.

Since our donation drive does not bring in all the funds necessary to cover the ongoing expenses of the Bayview Community Center, the ground, gardens, and various building projects, the board must organize fundraisers. This year they have once again elected to join in on the Council’s Town-Wide Yard Sale on Saturday May 26th. We ask any of you who have “treasures” that are no longer needed or used by you and would like to donate them to the yard sale, you can bring them to George and Cindy Grandy’s Pole Barn anytime, by making arrangements with the Grandys at (208) 683-1859. (Please note: computer electronics, foodstuffs, and personal care products as well as plastic containers without lids or lids only, do not sell and they are hard to get rid of, so please do not include these items.)

Our 3rd annual Frogmore Stew Dinner has been planned for Saturday July 28th. This year we are limiting ticket sales (which can only be purchased in advance) to 150 people. We will be in need of many hands for setup, prep, serving, and cleanup duties. We will ask you to choose whichever team you wish to be on. Contact me with your wishes.

Another fundraiser in the works is a hand painted folding chair auction and wine tasting event. Various artists will work their magic brushes on metal folding chairs which will be auctioned off via silent bids. All has not been finalized at this time but will be as soon as plans have been completed.

The Center Board has approved the purchase of retractable awnings for both the north and south deck. This will enhance not only the ability to use the outdoor griddles and grills in all-weather but will enable the north deck to be used as an outdoor dining area for events. They are also in the process of obtaining designs for a new arbor entrance for the gardens.

For all of you dog owners out there, the Farragut State Park has been given permission to start the planning and fundraising for an off-leash dog park. A total of $15 to $25K must be raised to make this happen. The Center would be happy to collect any funds that folks would like to donate to this cause. More information will be given as known.

Finally, DO NOT FORGET to get your Life Flight application back to me no later than April 15th. If you cannot find any forms, contact me at (208) 683-1680.

P.S.: Super 1 is due to open this month on the 4th.

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