Center News for August 2021

Center News for August Jackie Lloyd 208-683-1680
Hmmm??? We dodged the bullet for the last part of July and can only hope that our temps keep moderating for August. But come hot or temperate, the news for this month is the Center will be celebrating it’s 30th birthday on Saturday, August 21st at 4:30pm. We invite all residents to come and celebrate with us. Displays will be available with the history in photos of both the construction of the building as well as the gardens. Guest speakers will share some of their memories and we will be serenaded by Bayview’s own Noteables. Ralf’s hotdogs will be available to purchase, and complimentary cake will be served. The Center will be selling commemorative tee shirts whose artwork was created by Marilyn Holte and the Bayview Art Guild as well as limited edition glassware imprinted with the Center’s logo. If you are a longtime resident, come and share a good time with your friends and neighbors, and if you are new to town, please come and meet your neighbors and some future friends.
Other highlights of the month are as follows. The Dromore HOA will hold its annual meeting on Thursday the 12th at 7pm. The Steward/Roland wedding takes place on August 14th at 3pm. On Sunday the 15th at 3pm the memorial celebration for Cindy Hansen will be held, all friends are invited. On Tuesday the 17th the Timberlake Fire District Commissioners’ meeting will be held at the Athol fire station. August 19th at 3:30 the Water and Sewer Board will hold its regular meeting in their office in addition they will also have an important special hearing on August 25th at the Center and ask all members to attend. The full calendar of events can be found on page one of the Bylines