Center News – January 2018

A hearty, healthy, and Happy New Year to all from the entire board and managers of the Bayview Community Center. As we enter this new time territory it’s important to take a quick look back on all we have to be thankful for at the Center. All building projects for the year have been completed and permits approved, new chairs have graced our hall and pampered our bottoms, LOU has entered its seventh season with new helmsmen, and we have been blessed by a wonderful group of volunteers helping in the gardens and with all the programs. The Center will look into purchasing a retractable awning for the south deck this upcoming year, to insure that cooking on the grill, griddles, and deep fryers can take place outside in inclement weather.

This year we will be seeing many new faces on the Board of Directors beginning this month. Don Gardener our VP, has graciously accepted the position of President of the Board and Marsha Ritzheimer has accepted the now open position following the passing of Tom Lloyd in October. George Grandy will finally be able to retire after 7 years as treasurer and is being replaced by Breigh Soles. We also welcome Norma Jean Knowles and Paul Stanton on board replacing Sue Damon and Judy Robinson. With all the changes in the board composition, George, Sue, and Judy have agreed to serve one year as non-voting shadow board members to help with the transition. Furthermore, the board will ask all future outgoing members to continue as a shadow non-voting member.

It is important to note that all the operating expenses have increased over the past 2 years. Thus, the cost of running the Center is now more thatn $19K. To help ensure a healthy cash flow, the board voted to increase the rental fees for events. After researching the costs of other venues, it was noted that our Center was a bargain. So, to bring the rental rates more in line, the Center will now charge $125 for the first two hours rental of the main hall, and $20/hr. for each additional hour of rental. The kitchen and garden areas which can only be used in conjunction with the rental of the main hall will remain at $35 each flat rate. The damage deposit has also increased to $100. Another change in the rental policy is regarding memorials. Although the Center will remain free for Bayview residents, there will be a mandatory $125 damage deposit fully refundable if the Center is cleaned thoroughly following the service. These new rates will begin January 1, 2018.

We would like to take this time to thank all the community members who generously made monetary contributions to help with the Center’s operating, building, or chair funds. The Center could not exist without the community’s generosity. However, our donations were down this last year. So, we now must rely on other fundraising events in 2018 to help make up the difference. Look for our annual summer food fest, be it “frogmore stew” or another delicious course, and the yard sales as well. If anyone has a great fundraising idea, PLEASE contact me.

This coming February I will start the renewal process for the Life Flight insurance. This insurance is open to all and is a cost per family as defined by the tax laws. It is the insurance which will pay for any emergency airlift costs due to accident or illness which is not covered by your regular health insurance. Our renewal deadline is April 1. The insurance is only available on an annual rate which I will publish as soon as the information is made available to me.

Finally, there are many open hours available at the Center for classes. If anyone would like to teach a class, or start a specialty group, please contact me with your ideas and time requirements. Let’s fill the Center with activities that are fun, interesting, and promote health, fun, creativity, and learning. For a full schedule of our present ongoing groups, please refer to the calendar on page one of this edition.

P.S: Thanks to the Karupiahs and staff who made the downtown area of Bayview so festive with all the lights for the holidays, very much appreciated by everyone. Thank you also, Gary and staff you are much appreciated. It is easy to overlook something that is expected, assumed, and always a part of the season.

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