Please Help

October 1, 2023
Dear Friend of the Center and Memorial Garden,
With the coming of September’s cool and moist weather, Bayview residents breathed a sigh of relief as fire season spared us a frontal assault. August winds and heat caused a watchful attitude as nearby fires brought the fire incident teams back to Farragut Park with night shift firefighters sleeping at the Community Center, a place where they could find peace and quiet as well as the comfort of cool temperatures. Once again, the Bayview Community Center proved its importance in a support role in helping our first responders. A huge thanks to everyone whose groups rearranged their schedules so that this night team could be accommodated and get the necessary rest they so needed. We hope that this will remind us all the importance that the Center is to our community and our neighbors. The Center and Memorial Garden hosts many groups, sponsors many classes, is our local voting station, and is a safe place to meet, learn, reflect, rejoice and renew.
The Board and Managers, all volunteers, work diligently to keep the Center and Garden updated, fresh, attractive, and user friendly. To maintain the building and grounds takes money and labor. This year alone the aging HVAC system was augmented with a mini split cooling/heating system to keep groups comfortable in the weather extremes. On the south side of the building, code compliant steps were built from the lower lot to the upper level. In the garden the wooden bridge was rebuilt. The costs to date were approximately $30K. Furthermore, bids are being attained for the dead tree and shrub removal as well as new roofing for the gazebo and storage shed with the goal of having these tasks completed by winter. Since volunteer numbers who work in the gardens have dwindled, the plan is to secure paid help to change all areas to a lower maintenance level beginning in the Spring. Finally, we are in the process of finding a company to build a new memorial wall since only 2 unreserved spaces remain. All the above completed projects were absolute necessities and not frivolous expenditures. They were not fully covered by our present budget but augmented by our regular savings account, now near depletion. We anticipate that the proposed projects will cost an additional $20K or more to complete.
We, the Board and Managers, are asking each of you, whether you are a regular user or occasional, to help us with a financial donation. We understand money is tight but ask you to donate what is comfortable for you. As most of you know, the Bayview Community Center and Garden gets no money from outside sources or tax money. We are totally supported by our rentals, fundraisers, and individuals like you. Please, send your check or money order to the Bayview Community Center, PO Box 493, 83803. Donations are also accepted on Venmo. All donations are tax deductible.
Bob Prince, Foundation President
Judy Nelson, Vice President
Joy Shantz, Secretary
Jackie Lloyd, Treasurer
Mike Beaudry, Member at Large
Norma Jean Knowles, Registered Agent
Pam Tonhofer, Center Manager
Laurie Mauser, Garden Manager