Bayview Community Update – January 13, 2018

Week of January 14

Having seen the devastation on both coasts, I have stopped my complaining about our weather and take solace in the fact that we have so few major weather-related tragedies. I thank my luck for being in the inland northwest. Winter is our slow month, but I hope that folks are finding fun things to do either at home or our surrounding towns.


Events of the week are as follows:

Bible Chapel Services:  Sunday 9:30am and 10:30am

AA meeting:  Sunday 7pm, lower room

Martin Luther King Day:  Monday all day

Walking group:  Monday, Friday 9am, end of Hudson Bay Rd., weather permitting

Yoga:  Monday 9am, Tuesday 9am lower room, Thursday 9am

Timberlake Fire Commish Meeting:  Tuesday 6pm, Athol fire station. Please remember Chief Steele would like more community input, so if you can attend, please do so.

Crafts Group:  Wednesday 8am, Contact Patti Wilke

PiYo:  Wednesday, Thursday 8am

LOU:  Wednesday Noon, gourmet chicken and rice, help needed with setup, cleanup, and desserts

Bayview Water and Sewer Board Meeting:  Wednesday 3pm

Singing Group:  Wednesday 6:30pm

Bible Chapel Prayer Mtg:  Wednesday 7pm

Photography Workshop:  Thursday 9am

Boy Scouts on hold

Tai Chi:  Friday 9:30am


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dean and Norma Jean Knowles and family. Dean is recovering from open heart surgery which took place on Tuesday. He is doing well so far but has a long road in front of him. So don’t forget to come and help with LOU in his absence, he will be greatly missed.

Remember Bunco today is at 1pm.

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