Board Members Needed

The Center Wants You!
This year the Bayview Community Center will lose three of its board members, Don Gardner, Marsha Ritzheimer and Joy Shantz. Don and Marsha have served two plus terms and have added much stability and wisdom during their terms. Joy was appointed to fill in the remaining two years of Breigh Soles’ term. At the Bayview Community Center Annual Meeting on September 20th, the three open seats on the board will be filled by election.
The primary job of the board is to maintain the fiscal and structural health of the building. The secondary job is to provide greater participation in community and civic affairs and provide for the exercise of these opportunities. Board members serve a 3-year term and attend all regular meetings usually held quarterly along with the annual meeting, and special meetings as needed.
The Center is looking for individuals who can enthusiastically fill the openings and are committed to enhancing the Center’s goals. Other requirements to serve is to live within a 6 mile radius of the Center and to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
Please make your interest known to Don Gardner asap by emailing or calling the following:
[email protected] or 208-683-2647