It TAkes a Village

It Takes a Village
2023 has been a momentous year of builds, rebuilds and updates at the Center. It became very apparent to our new board of directors that the Bayview Community Center and Garden had some major issues due to aging, use and lack of attention. With the fallout from non-action to cure these problems, possibly catastrophic, the Board and Managers put together a list of absolute to do’s in 2023.
1. Upgrade the HVAC system to augment the heating and cooling properties with two mini-split units.
2. Build code compliant steps on the south side of the Center from the lower lot to upper level.
3. Rebuild the wooden bridge in the garden area riddled with rot.
4. Redo the aging water heating system with a new water heater and overflow tank along with the necessary plumbing.
5. Remove the unsightly and potentially dangerous dead tree behind the Memorial Wall.
6. Replace the leaking roofs on the Gazebo and Storage Shed with metal roofing.
All of these have been accomplished thanks to generous donations received in 2022 exceeding the operating budget needs, as well as using funds from our saving account. The monetary outlay for these repairs/upgrades was approximately $34K. However, this has led to a huge reduction in our saving account a very important financial buffer.
We are still faced with more necessary rebuilds/replacements. Namely, a total rebuild of the north deck which has rot in too many areas for a simple repair. Removal of dead bushes and refurbishment of the overgrown garden bed areas with new and low maintenance plantings. Build a second memorial wall. Replace the aging dishwasher. Finally, we are evaluating the need for a third mini-split head in the lower multi-purpose room. We will be searching for and applying for any grant money we can find, but there are no guarantees. So, we need you! First thanks to all of you who have answered our call for monetary donations to date, and second, we ask those who have not done so, please help with any amount you feel you can afford. Your checks or money orders issued to the Bayview Community Center, can be sent to PO Box 493. Or you can donate using Venmo. The Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation and your donation may be a tax deduction.
Thank you in advance for your help and may you and yours have a Very Happy Holiday Season.