2022 February News

Center News for February 2022
Jackie Lloyd, 208-683-1680, jaklloyd@hotmail.com

It is most welcome to see that the days are getting longer with light peeking through by 7am continuing to 5pm adding minutes each day. Thankfully most of the ice is gone from our side roads as well, improving driving conditions. Hopefully February will be kind.

Before launching into the specifics of Center news it is imperative that a huge thank is issued to all who have continued to support the Bayview Community Center through financial and in-kind donations. We did reach our necessary $19K operating budget goal for 2021. Thank-you letters have been sent for your tax filing use, where applicable. If you have not received one in acknowledgement of your donation, please email or call me at the above contact information. The board and managers fully understand that everyone is bombarded with pleas from many charities and appreciate that the Center was included in your list of donations. Of course, 2022 begins another year of operation and ask that you keep the Center on your list of giving. Checks can be mailed anytime to our PO Box 493 or deposited in the donation box in the entry way of the Center.

LOU continues to be well attended and well managed thanks to Mary Owen and her troupe of volunteers and guest chefs. This month you will be treated to BBQ chix and sides by Marsha Ritzheimer on the 2nd, Spilt Pea Soup and deli sandwiches by the Drakes on the 9th, and Stroganoff by Colleen Dashseid on the 16th. The last Friday of the month will be potluck lunch soups, so please bring your favorite pot to share. Of course, donations of desserts are most welcome at each lunch. Thanks to all for your support.

The LOU staff would like to stress the importance of signing up for the LOU lunches. A sign-up sheet for the following week’s lunch is provided at each week for that purpose; or you can call, text or email Mary at 509-290-3440 or charismahair1727@gmail.com. It is almost impossible to plan correct amounts of food for the lunches without knowing how many folks will be attending. A further concern is providing for shut-ins with take-outs. If you are in need, we ask that you call Rosemary Brennan 208-683-3963, to reserve a lunch for you. For those folks who want additional take-outs and have not reserved one, they will be made available after all attendees and shut-ins’ meals are served. This will be the rule for those wanting seconds.

Other highlights for the month are the Chamber meeting on Tuesday the 8th at 7pm, BBC men’s breakfast on Saturday the 12th at 8am, Timberlake Fire Commissioner’s meeting Tuesday the 15th at 5:30 at the Athol Fires Station, Bayview Water & Sewer Board meeting on Thursday the 17th at the district office, and BAB meeting on Tuesday the 22nd at 9:30am. A complete list of events can be found in the Calendar on page 1.

February also ushers in a new event, Friday Night Tacos and Games at the Center. On Friday the 25th we will be serving a Taco dinner with sides for $7. It will be by reservations ONLY, NO Take-Outs. We invite everyone attending to bring a game to play after the meal. If well received, we will plan further meals on the last Friday of each month. Full information on this event will be covered by separate cover in another section of this edition.

Finally, apologies to all who inquired about the belly dancing classes. We are still exploring the logistics and will get back to you as soon as these are worked out.